Top 10 Famous People Who Grew Up in Poverty

Though they may have millions in their bank accounts now these celebrities grew up pinching their pennies welcome to Tofaniyo and today we're counting down our picks for The Top 10 famous people who grew up in poverty Before we begin we publish new post every day so be sure to follow for more great... Continue Reading →


8 Major Difference Between Winners and Losers

A disappointment can turn into a champ, however washouts can never turn into a disappointment, for me washouts are the ones who never attempt, they acknowledge their disappointment before having a go at anything new, they dread to do new things since they hesitant to fall flat, they have fear about what others will state,... Continue Reading →

How To Study Hard Without Burning Out

Let be honest: contemplating is hard. It's terrible, and in some cases it can be extremely difficult to remain concentrated on the job needing to be done. In any case, it's fundamental to doing admirably in classes and remaining very much educated. In spite of the fact that considering is nobody's most loved movement, there... Continue Reading →

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